Hanmer Info & Marketing LogoAbout Hanmer Info & Marketing.

Hanmer Info & Marketing (HIM) focusses on the marketing and promotion of all that Hanmer Springs has to offer.

As the neutral tourism contact point for the village, we work with local businesses, including tourism operators, the hospitality industry, accommodation providers, retailers, and service sectors to market and promote Hanmer Springs. Our role is to co-ordinate, facilitate, motivate and develop the marketing of Hanmer Springs.

Who We Are.

We are a coalition of passionate business owners and residents that work together promoting and marketing Hanmer Springs. Being non affiliated to any membership based groups, we can be truly neutral and objective. Our only goal is to promote and market Hanmer Springs for the mutual benefit of those that live here, businesses that do business here, and most importantly our visitors.

What we do.

  • We work with local businesses and organisations to promote Hanmer Springs to both national and international visitors.
  • We identify opportunities to market Hanmer Springs as a destination that various groups of visitors can enjoy.
  • We organise events as well as assist others with events that they wish to host in Hanmer Springs.
  • We provide tools such as this website and associated FaceBook page to enable the collective marketing of Hanmer Springs.
  • We act as a neutral co-ordinator of initiatives and campaigns that benefit all businesses of Hanmer Springs.